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Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Since 1970, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has made a priority of providing the highest level of customer service, while delivering the simplest, most stress-free plumbing experience possible. Like all Neighbourly brands, we are locally owned and operated.

"The professionalism, work efficiency and the fact that you did not try to oversell us on needed work."- P.J.

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385 Reviews

P.A. Aug 11, 2018

Excellent renovation and courtesy

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A.M.B. Aug 7, 2018

Quick pleasant service for our homeowners.

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J.P. Aug 5, 2018

The experience started out fine. I called for an appointment and got one for the time/day I wanted with no problem. The guy showed up 15 minutes early, which was fine by me. He seemed knowledgeable and helpful. However, I was sitting in a room next to the bathroom he was working on so I heard all his complaints. Oh, he didn't complain directly to me of course, he would talk to himself loudly and say things like...."oh, what a mess!", "I just love working in mobile homes (sarcastically)", and overall moaning and groaning. Not very professional at all. We showed him the taps that we wanted to use so he could make sure the ones he was working on was long enough for us to use them. He even read the paperwork that came with the set, (it was for the bathtub) and said fine he knew what to do. Unfortunately, after he left and we tried to put on the spout part of the tabs the line he put in was too short! I called Rooter and explained the deal. I knew it wouldn't take but 5-10 minutes to fix. They said they would send the same guy back the next day. No problem. I was a bit disappointed they wouldn't send someone out that same afternoon, but whatever. We waited for the man to come back and fix HIS mistake. We couldn't go much further on our renovation without the spout in the tub. We were putting a surround tub in and wasn't sure if we should glue it down or not as we weren't sure what he needed to do to fix it. Then the office called and put us off another few hours. I wasn't happy. A few hours later they called AGAIN and said they wouldn't be able to send someone until 8:30 am the NEXT day! That put us a day behind schedule. It was coming up a holiday weekend and we needed this bathroom done as we are retired and my husband is disabled. FINALLY, they send someone completely new to do what I knew was a 10 minute fix. Very disappointed in the customer service. We should NOT have had to wait 2 days for a fix. Especially since it was a mistake that shouldn't have happened in the first place. I should have at least received a bit off my bill! Something for the loss of my valuable time! I won't be using Rooter again.

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M.G. Aug 2, 2018

I really appreciated that no overtime was charged, even though my problem occurred on the weekend. I was told there would be a truck dispatch charge of $60 after 6 PM, so I deferred my appointment until the next day (it was not a total emergency), but even so, I don't think that's an unreasonable amount for such work to be done outside regular business hours. The plumber was very polite, and very knowledgeable. He was also very happy to explain everything to me, which I appreciated.

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C.G. Jul 28, 2018

They were fast and efficient and stuck to what was quoted.

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These aren't just home care experts. They're home care experts with a license to help. Literally.

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