Meet your Neighbourly home services experts.

There's no shortage of options when it comes to "home services providers.” In fact, if you typed that little phrase into Google right now, you'd get over 3 million (yes, million!) results. But, chances are, you don't need millions of plumbers, or landscapers, or painters, or electricians. You just need one expert that you can trust. And when you need them, you need them, like, now. No one knows that better than Neighbourly, one of the largest and most trusted home services companies in the world.

That's why we started Neighbourly.

To help you find locally-owned home services experts, whose work is trusted by homeowners and business owners in your neighbourhood – and whose customer service is backed by a national brand.

What does it mean to be Neighbourly?

For you, it means no more guesswork on websites that give you scads of independent contractors and handymen who may or may not show up or do a great job for a fair price. Each of our home service brands and 2,700 franchise owners share the same code of values: Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus and Having Fun in the Process! – making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customers’ needs in every situation.

A Free Service That Helps You…

  • Quickly find reputable, locally owned home service providers.
  • Easily scan through business reviews and ratings left by your neighbours.
  • Create your own seasonal maintenance task list.
  • Receive emails when it’s time to do an important home maintenance task, or have it done for you.
  • Have your service history at your fingertips, so you never have to go looking for old receipts to find out when your dryer was last serviced, or when your carpets were last steam cleaned.

There are never any monthly charges, no tiers to choose from, no tediously trying to figure out the difference between independent contractors. With Neighbourly, it’s simple: you get nothing but the professionals and craftspeople you need to get the job done, and when you hire a Neighbourly company, your satisfaction is assured. Find the home services pros you need at Neighbourly today – even without registering. If you want, we welcome you to Create an Account and you can discover how simple it can be to keep your biggest investment in perfect condition.

We think you might like it. After all, life is complicated enough.

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Our Family

We don't let just anyone in our homes, and we wouldn't expect your home to be any different. That's why we only allow the most professional and courteous service experts into our family of brands.

You look like you know your way around a hammer.

Our company is only as good as our people. And there's always room for one more in this neighbourhood.

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