We're a community of
home services experts.

There's no shortage of options when it comes to "home service" providers. In fact, if you typed that little phrase into Google right now, you'd get over 3 billion (yes, billion!) results.

But, chances are, you don't need billions of plumbers, or cleaners, or landscapers, or painters. You just need one expert that you can trust. And you need them, like, now.

That's why we started Neighbourly.

To help you find the absolute highest quality home service experts, right in your community. No complicated software, no hard-sellers, just the professionals and craftspeople you need to get the job done.

Join the community. We think you might like it here.

What does it mean to be Neighbourly?

It's simple. How would you treat your neighbour?

Seems straightforward enough, right? Treat every home you step inside, or every yard you touch, as if it were right next door.

But when you ask yourself that little question every day, something kinda crazy happens. Suddenly, the only corners you cut are measured twice and mitered to perfection. The only thing you rip off is that rusty, old set of gutters. And the only thing you sweep under the rug is, well, a broom.


Because that's the neighbourly thing to do.

Our Family

We don't let just anyone in our homes, and we wouldn't expect your home to be any different. That's why we only allow the most professional and courteous service experts into our family of brands.

You look like you know your way around a hammer.

Our company is only as good as our people. And there's always room for one more in this neighbourhood.

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